Integrating with Barracuda Cloud-To-Cloud V3 Emails

James Burke
James Burke
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In order to get Backup Radar to successfully monitor your Barracuda Cloud-To-Cloud backups, you will need to login to your Barracuda Cloud Control portal and direct the email notifications to your Backup Radar mailbox. 

If you do not know your Backup Radar email address, this can be found in app by navigating to Configuration Mailboxes. For more detailed steps, see How to view your email Mailbox in app.

1. Login to your Cloud Control and click the "Cloud-to-Cloud Backup" menu item.


2. In the window that opens click the "Settings" tab highlighted below


3. Scroll down to reveal the "Email Notifications" portion of the settings and click the plus icon.Screen_Shot_2022-11-14_at_1.48.50_PM.png

4. Add you Backup Radar email address to this form and select the "Report" and "Any job completes" options for the email notifications


5. Save this and validate you receive a "Cloud to Cloud Backup: BACKUP Report" after your Barracuda backup job has run. 


Please note: Your portal may not reflect the screenshots shown in this article exactly due to updates or changes made by the vendor. If these are no longer valid, please contact our team to help get these email notifications setup. 


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