Ticketing Scenario: Different statuses to different boards

James Burke
James Burke
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This article will explore how your Ticketing Defaults and Automatic Ticketing settings can be configured to create tickers for backups in a Failure status to a defined board and backups in a Warning status to another board. Although this example uses Autotask as the PSA, the functionality can be used on any PSA with separate boards. 

For this we will need to configure two Ticketing Defaults (one for Failures and Warnings respectively). In this case we want to send these two separate boards (IT:Level I and IT:Level II).

The only differing factor between the two Ticket Defaults in this case is the board. If the separate boards have different Types, Sub-Types, categories or priorities available to them in your PSA, these can also be configured to the available values.


Warning Ticketing Default: 


Failure Ticketing Default:



Next we will need to configure the two separate Automatic Ticketing Profiles. Each of these will need to select the appropriate status and Ticketing Default. 


Warning Automatic Ticketing Profile:


Failure Automatic Ticketing Profile:




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