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User Types for Backup Radar is a functionality that enhances account security by ensuring each user has only the amount of access they need.

In this article, you'll learn how to set up user types for your existing users in Backup Radar using our setup wizard.

Note: If this has not been completed by October 1st, 2023, user types will be assigned automatically.

Who can use this feature? 
• Full-permission Backup Radar users.

To learn the full details of user type permissions, see Understanding User Types.

Follow the steps below to set up your user types:

  1. Log in to Backup Radar and click Begin setup in the User Type Setup screen.

  2. If you don't see this screen, you can also click the Launch setup button at the top left of your Dashboard screen.

  3. In the User Type Setup: Email Domains screen:

    Only users assigned to a primary or secondary email domain during this step can later be designated as Administrator or Standard user types in this setup process. Ensure that you only add your own company email domains into these fields and do not add email domains of your clients.

    a. Enter your company’s email domain (e.g. in the Primary Email Domain field. 

    b. Enter your additional email domain(s) (e.g. in the Secondary Email Domain(s) field, pressing enter after each domain. These could include your company's subsidiaries or any other domains your company owns.

    c. Click Next Step.


  4. In the User Type Setup: Information on User Types screen, review the details on the following three user types and click Next Step.

  5. The User Type Setup: User Type Assignment screen provides suggestions based on the current permissions and email domains of your users.

    Review the suggested user types for each user, adjust accordingly, and click Finish.

    Select Disabled if a user is no longer needed or if you are unsure of what their user type should be.

    • There are no limits to how many Administrator, Standard, and Client user types can be assigned.
    • When you assign users to Standard and Client user types, these users may lose some of their current permissions.
    • While Administrator users can be converted to Standard users (and vice versa) by editing the user type, Client users cannot be converted to Administrator or Standard users.


  6. Once you see the User Type Assignment Complete success message, you can click Return to Dashboard, visit Settings, and choose User Management to confirm that your changes were applied and make any further changes to your user types.

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