How to Off-board a Client

James Burke
James Burke
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The first step to take is to retire any of the backups associated with the company in Backup Radar. This can be done by navigating to Manage > Edit Backups and searching for the company name. This will list all of the backups associated with the company. 

Next, we will want to click the checkbox in the top left-hand corner of the table to select all of these backups and click the "Bulk Retire" button. This will stop Backup Radar from monitoring these backups and exclude them from any license counts. 

The second part of this is removing the company from your company list. To do this we will need to ensure the backup does not have a company status or type in your PSA Integration that you are syncing based on. These can be found under Integrations > PSA Integration.


Once it has been changed from these statuses and types in your PSA, you will need to re-sync your companies using the "Sync Companies" button at the top of the same page. 
 Screen_Shot_2023-04-14_at_2.37.17_PM.pngThis will change the company's type from "PSA Integrated" to "Local" and this will allow us to then remove it from the company list (Manage > Companies). 


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