Using Tags to exclude backups from reports

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James Burke
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Tags are a configuration option available for backups and templates, that can be leveraged to group backups into easily selectable groups for the filters in Backup Radar. Tags are 100% user-customizable and can be any string you see fit for the use case. Also, multiple tags can be assigned to a given backup.

In this article, we will explore isolating a backup to exclude it from a report using a tag. The tag we will use for this example is "report-exclusion".

First, we will need to edit the backup we want to exclude from the report. Navigate to Manage Edit Backups and find the desired backup. Check the corresponding checkbox on the left-hand side of the table and click "Bulk Edit". In this case, we are going to exclude the backup with device name: "GMC-Data".



Please note: 

Tags can also be automatically assigned using templates, for more information on template setup, please see the following article: Templates

In the window that opens, click the "Tags" box on the left-hand side, type in your desired value and click enter. Next, save the configuration. 



The backups you want to include in the report should not have the tag assigned to it. 



Finally, we will need to configure the report to exclude the tag "report-exclusion".Screen_Shot_2022-12-06_at_11.30.46_AM.png




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