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For those who are using intelligent ticketing, Backup Radar offers a feature to customize the ticketing subject that comes through for Automatic Tickets. Creating a custom subject is optional, Backup Radar will generate a standard subject for all tickets in the absence of the custom option.

This can be found by via Ticketing -> Custom Ticket Subjects



Grouping Options

The first thing you will likely notice is that there are four different fields to use. These fields correlate to the grouping method set in your Automatic Ticketing Settings. For example if those are set to Group by Company, then you’ll want to set your custom subject in the Company row.


If you have multiple ticketing rules in your Automatic Ticketing Settings which use different grouping methods then you’ll want to make sure each method is accounted for here with a custom subject (otherwise the Backup Radar default structure will be applied.)


Subject Variables

Once you know which of the fields you’ll be using, next will be determining how to best generate the desired subject line. Begin by looking at the variables available to you, which can be found by clicking on the question mark (or see image below).


* Locales: You can find a list of locales from the 639-1 column in the table here.


The Example column, to the right of the Subject Template, will display how your subject will present based on the text you enter and the variables you utilize.

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