Granting All Company Access

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Hi! In this article, we'll talk about granting All Company Access in Backup Radar.

Who can use this feature?
• Administrator users.
• Standard users (who have been granted access).

By default, users will be able to access all company backup results unless they are assigned to a company restricted group. 

Follow these steps to grant All Company Access for a user:

Note: Administrator users are automatically given full access to all companies, so there's no need to manually modify their company access.

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Settings > User Management.
    Settings > User Management.png

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the user you would like to modify company access for. 
    Click the Edit button.png

  3. Scroll down and click the arrow next to Company Restricted Groups.
    Click the arrow next to Company Restricted Groups.png

  4. If any Company Restricted Groups are selected, click Select: None to remove all sections and click Save. If none are selected, this user can access all company backup results.
    Click Select | None to deselect company restricted groups.png


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