How to Bulk Activate or Edit Backups

Matthew Gulliver
Matthew Gulliver
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To successfully use the Bulk Activate feature, there are two criteria that must be honoured. The backup jobs must be for the same company and must be the same device type.

You can use the search and sort functions to narrow down exactly the set of backups you'd like to activate. Using either the Select All or manually selecting the desired jobs by ticking the box on the left, identify the jobs you're looking to activate and select Bulk Activate.




This will generate a new window (either as a pop-up or tab in your browser) where you will choose the settings. 

*You should save your progress after completing all tabs. You will not lose your setup by switching between them.





This settings page is very similar to what you'll see when activating/editing one backup job at a time with two key differences:

  1. All the jobs selected will be listed at the top. This will give you the opportunity to review & confirm which you're activating/editing
  2. All settings have a checkbox on their left. When using the bulk feature Backup Radar will not assume or present any settings. Only the fields you interact with, either by configuring the setting or ticking the box, will be applied/changed by Backup Radar.
    The minimum settings, as well as all other settings, are presented at length here and the same rules apply for bulk activating (Backup Type, Device Company, Device Type & Schedule).

Once you've configured the settings to your needs, choose save and the changes will be enforced.

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