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Matthew Gulliver
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Verifying your emails have been received by your Backup Radar mailboxes is a very efficient way to troubleshoot your "No Result" statuses in Backup Radar. 


To view your mailboxes, navigate to Configuration > Mailboxes using the left hand menu bar. 


Here is the home of your Backup Radar mailboxes. Here you will see the listed address(es) that can be used to receive backup results via email.




To view the contents of your mailbox, click on the desired address. This will trigger a pop up window where you can search what's been received via that address if you need to troubleshoot missing reports/notifications.



The potential statuses that can appear in this window are defined in the below table.

Saved Result The email was successfully parsed and backup results were assigned / new backups were created
Failed Parsing Parsing logic was identified for the email but could not complete successfully. This can occur if the parse identifies incorrect logic based on certain key identifiers in the emails HTML.
Unrecognized  No parsing logic could be identified for this email. This could mean key identifiers are missing from the email or that this is not a report we currently support
Downloaded This is only used with former rackspace mailboxes. Email was download but not processed yet.



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