How to restrict dashboard access?

Matthew Gulliver
Matthew Gulliver
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By default, all dashboards created are set to general access, meaning they can be viewed and edited by anyone logged in. Using the Share, Backup Radar offers the ability to share your dashboard via URL or restrict internal access to a select user or users, assigning them one of three available roles.



To restrict dashboard access, use the toggle or "Turn off general access" button. This will trigger a pop-up asking you to confirm the action.




Choose to proceed, and you can add users with the drop-down. You can add multiple users at a time, providing they will all be given the same access level, and you can even choose to notify them of the change by email.



There are three levels to choose from when granting a user access to a private dashboard:

  • Viewer: View only
  • Editor: Able to make changes to the dashboard tiles & layout but cannot grant/remove access of other users
  • Admin: Full read & write capabilities

Restricted Dashboards will be shown in the dashboard drop down list with a lock next to their name to those with access and will not appear at all for others.


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