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Matthew Gulliver
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In Backup Radar, Company Assignment is the act of associating one of your customers with their backup job. There are three manners in which this can be accomplished:

1. Automated Company Mapping

2. Company Assignment Rules

3. Manual

Automated Company Mapping Setup, where Backup Radar can compare a client ID we receive from the backup application to the corresponding company in Backup Radar, is the recommended primary mapping process for all partners when possible. The most notable exceptions where this may not be an option is when the backup application does not provide a field we can identify as client id. In this case, you should use the Company Rules feature. 

With Company Assignment Rules, you tell Backup Radar when to assign a particular company based on one of or a combination of values found in Backup Method, Device Name, Job Name, Email or Backup Type. 

Lastly, you still have the ability to manual assign/change the company assigned at the job level either for a single line item or in bulk.

It is entirely possible that you will find the need to use a combination of these methods in order to best monitor your backups in Backup Radar

Outside the mapping methods, on the Company List page you'll find a few other noteworthy features;

  • Replace With: When selected this feature will allow you to re-assign all backups currently associated with that company to another. To use this, click the Replace With action button of the record you're looking to change. When the 'Replace Company' window appears, choose new company from the drop down to move the records to. Additionally, you have the option to add the replaced companies rules to the replacement companies rules set to help with future identification and assignment, in the form of a checkbox. If left unchecked, the rules of the replaced company will be eliminated along with the old name.
  • Add / Edit Company: If you wish to create a company in Backup Radar for any reason you can do so with the Add Company button. This new company will be considered a Local Type and should you need to edit it in the future simply use the Pencil icon next to its name to make the needed change.

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