How to verify your license assignments?

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James Burke
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You can see a license category break down on the Manage Overview screen, but do you want to get a more detailed break down? This article details the steps you can take to verify how many licenses are assigned to each of the three categories available (for more information on the different license categories, please see the following article)


Backup Radar comes pre-equipped with an on-demand report to help you explore where licenses are assigned. To run this report, navigate to Reporting On Demand and select the "Backup List Report". Choose the "Generate with Defaults" button as shown below. 




This will generate a report breaking down each backup in Backup Radar, grouped by company, specifying the category total. For example, in the below image "Black Rooster, Inc." is currently using 2 unit licenses. Backup Radar automatically recognizes duplicates and will only count 1 license for each unique protected device per company. You can see in each unit license count (one per box)




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