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Backup Radar currently supports the monitoring of two Unitrends email reports ("Backup Copy Activity" & "Schedule Report", see the end of this article for examples of these).


In order for these backups to be monitored by Backup Radar, you will need to send the email notifications from Unitrends to your Backup Radar mailbox.


Please note:

The default domain setting on your Unitends appliance may cause emails to be rejected or caught in a SPAM filter. This will need to have been changed to a valid domain to ensure your emails are received by your Backup Radar mailbox. For more information on this please see: Unitrends - Change the 'from' address and domain for email reports


In Unitrends, navigate to Configure Appliances, here select the appliance in question and click Edit.



This will open the below menu. Head to the Email tab on the top and enable the email reporting checkbox.

Fill in your SMTP server information and add your Backup Radar email address, ensuring you enable "System", "Jobs" and "Failures".



The below Unitrends documentation may be of further assistance in relation to the setup of these reports: 


Examples of the email notifications: 




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