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Olivia McCormack
Olivia McCormack
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Hi! Follow the steps below to set up multi-factor authentication for your Backup Radar account using Duo.

Who can use this feature?
• Administrator users.
• Standard users (who have been granted access).



Note: This article captures third-party steps and/or an interface that may have since been updated.  
  1. In your Duo account, navigate to the Duo Admin Panel, then select Applications and Protect an Application.

  2. Find the Web SDK option, and click Protect.

  3. Make a note of the Client ID (previously called the Integration key), Client secret (previously called the Secret key), and API hostname.

  4. Scroll down to the Settings section and under Name, enter "Backup Radar".

  5. In Backup Radar, click Settings > Tenant.
    Under Settings Click Tenant.png

  6. Enable Duo Authorization by clicking the toggle button.
    Enable Duo Integration.png

  7. If you would like to block users from logging in when Duo services are not available, click the toggle button next to Block user from logging in when Duo services are unavailable.
    Block logins when Duo Integration unavailable.png

  8. Enter the following information and click Save:
    a. Client ID: The client ID (also known as Integration Key or ikey) you received in Duo.
    b. Client Secret (skey): The client secret you received in Duo.
    c. API Hostname: The API hostname you received in Duo.
    Configure Duo Integration.png

You should now be all set up to use Duo with Backup Radar!

For more information on this process, feel free to review the following article from Duo: Duo Web v4 SDK - Duo Universal Prompt.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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