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James Burke
James Burke
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In order to get Backup Radar to successfully monitor your Rubrik backups, you will need to login to your Rubrik Polaris and direct the Protected Task Details report to your Backup Radar mailbox. 

If you do not know your Backup Radar email address, this can be found in app by navigating to Configuration Mailboxes. 

For more information, see How to view your email mailbox in app.

In your Polaris portal, please navigate to Reports using the top nav bar. 

Here you will need to select the Protection Tasks Detail using the left hand menu. Next click the "Create Report" button in the top right and select the "Protected Task Details" option. When creating the report please ensure the report name contains "Report".  



Once the report has been created, please ensure the "Past 24 hours" option is selected on the left hand menu bar. Next you will need to click the three dots icon in the top right and select the "Schedule" option. 



In the schedule window, please click the "Add New" button to begin configuring the schedule for this report to be emailed. 



Please configure this report to send to your Backup Radar email address on a daily schedule with a .CSV attachment. 



To confirm Backup Radar is receiving the correct report, please navigate to  your in app mailbox (Configuration Mailbox). Here you will need to download a copy of the report and verify it is similar to the below report: 


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