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Backup Radar can automatically assign the company for backups (API and Email). When there isn't a perfect match, Backup Radar makes intelligent suggestions as to what client or company backup jobs should be mapped to. Exact matches are done instantly; all you need to do is select and verify for the rest.

Before you can take advantage of this feature, make sure your Company List contains your full clientele list. This is accomplished either by integrating your PSA & importing your company list, or by manually adding them. Then ensure all the backup applications you plan on monitoring are integrated and reporting in Backup Radar. This will ensure you're not repeating steps unnecessarily and can begin benefiting from Backup Radar immediately.

*You will be presented with the opportunity to map each unique API Backup Method as you add them. This can also be done at any point via the Filter By Integration Profile found under the Backup Client List.

Navigate to Manage > Companies > Backup Client List. Once here you'll be faced with a table like the one below (actual content will vary). 


Use the Suggest Mapping button to speed up the process, the results will be colour coded as one of three options; 

  • White = Exact match (no action necessary)
  • Yellow = Soft match, if it is correct you can select Verify to lock it in. If it's incorrect, find the appropriate match in the drop down list and Map.
  • Red = No match, which means you'll need to find the appropriate company via the drop down and Map

Change the View field from All Companies to Unverified Mappings to verify all the soft matches and make any necessary adjustments. When all the correct companies are represented chose Apply Changes and repeat the process with Unmapped Company Names.


PSA vs Local Company selection

If you are using an API integrated PSA you will want to make sure you select PSA companies from the Maps to dropdown instead of locally added companies. You will be able to tell the difference from the list as the PSA options will be labeled (see image below). This will allow Backup Radar to create tickets associated with the correct company within your PSA. If a backup is assigned a local company any tickets created will be associated with your catchall company.



*In order to apply changes you'll need to ensure you have enabled client mapping, which is inactive by default.


Backup Client ID: This is the company name pulled from the integration source (backup app).

Integration Source: The backup application which the client id pulled from. While not common, if this client ID exists in more than one integration source, there will be more than one value in this column.

# of Backups: Total number of backups that are associated with this client id, including inactive and retired backups.


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