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The remediate action allows for a user to track their remediations when a backup issue is resolved. This is also focused on Compliance and reporting around backup issues. Many MSPs or IT Departments require a remediation report daily or weekly and by using this menu item they can generate it automatically. 

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to the Audit page.
    Audit Screen.png

  2. Click one or more checkboxes to select the backup result(s) that you are performing restores or test restores on.
    Selection Checkboxes Button.png

  3. Click Remediate | Compliance from the options that will appear at the bottom of your screen:
    Remediate | Compliance.png

If you are using an API integrated PSA with Backup Radar and we are generating automatic tickets for you, we can pull in the time entries/resolution notes automatically for you into our own reports once you close the ticket. The workflow would be that you come to Backup Radar and click remediate after you've closed the ticket in your PSA. 



If you do not have a PSA and wish to enter notes manually simply turn off the Add PSA Notes to Remediate Report button and input the notes required about the remediation. 


There are two associated reports for Remediation as shown below. The exception report will show all backups that were not remediated for the day or time period selected. The Result report will show all backups that were remediated for the day. 


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