How to activate a single backup

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This article will cover the basic needs of activating a single backup manually. For more information on all the fields available or other ways to activate data, please see the Activation Overview.


Step 1: Go to Manage Activate Backups. Select the backup you would like to activate by checking the box and select Activate.



Step 2: When activating a backup job there are a few parameters that are mandatory, which is what we’ll focus on here. The required fields to activate, and the tabs in which they can be found are:

Device Information


  1. Backup Type: Backup Radar will determine and assign the appropriate type, but in the event that it doesn't auto-populate see here how to determine for yourself which to choose.
  2. Device Company: Where you’ll select the appropriate company to assign this record to. You should use either Automated Company Mapping Setup or Company Assignment Rules to automate the process; however, you can also set it individually at the job level.
  3. Ticketing Company: This field is specifically for PSA-integrated accounts. If you would like any tickets created associated with a different company than the Device Company you've set, you can specify that with this field. If the Catch all Company box is ticked, any tickets generated will disregard the Device Company and follow the Ticket Default mapping.



  1. Schedule: The schedule sets the expectation of when the job will report in. Daily is in place as a default, should you need to change the schedule make sure you remove this default option as well.
  2. Device Type: This field should contain one of the three recognized types;
    • Server/Unit
    • Mailbox/O365
    • Workstation

Step 3: With these fields set, save your configuration. It will now be ‘Active’ and available to edit on the Edit Backups page and to monitor on the Audit screen/Dashboard.

*You should save your progress after completing all tabs. You will not lose your setup by switching between them.

**Schedule Note: When activating, the default is to have the schedule start recognizing the previous day as the start. If you are activating several days after the backup began reporting into Backup Radar, you can backdate the schedule start by clicking the schedule bubble and start date for when you began sending in emails. Do not set the last date at this time as it is only used for when the backup is no longer expected to receive results.

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