How is each license type defined?

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Each backup-protected endpoint requires a Backup Radar license. Any single endpoint can be protected by multiple backups (onsite and/or offsite) but will only require one license.

For billing purposes, Backup Radar Plans include three (3) license types:

  • Unit License: A Unit License is assigned to a protected endpoint that is not a Workstation or Mailbox(see below). Examples of endpoints requiring Unit Licenses are servers (physical and virtual), NASes, phone systems, or Microsoft Exchange servers:
    • Each single physical or virtual server = 1 Unit License
      • A host server with 10 Virtual Machines (VMs) = 10 Unit Licenses
    • NAS backup device = 1 Unit License
    • Phone system backup = 1 Unit License
      • If multiple phone systems are included in one email notification, this will result in one server for each phone system
    • Firewall = 1 Unit License
    • Database (per backup) = 1 Unit License
    • Web server backup email (per site name) = 1 Unit License
  • Workstation Licenses: Workstation Licenses are assigned to endpoints being used as workstations (physical or virtual). Workstation Licenses are not permitted on any endpoint running backups seven (7) days per week; daily backups would require a Unit License for that endpoint.
  • Mailbox Licenses: Mailbox Licenses are assigned to backups of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts. These licenses are used only for cloud-based services, and are not available for Microsoft Exchange servers.


We regularly audit the device types with logic to ensure that everyone is utilizing the platform fairly. Please note that if you intentionally miscategorize a device to avoid licensing costs your account may be subject to suspension. Also, it’s uncool.


To understand the process of assigning licenses correctly please see the following article.

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