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Hello! In this article, we'll talk about monitoring your licenses in Backup Radar.

It's important to keep an eye on your licenses so you can ensure you're within the boundaries of your Backup Radar plan and have the necessary information to upgrade or downgrade your subscription as needed.

If your licenses are not aligned with your plan and have exceeded a certain limit, you may receive an email from Backup Radar letting you know that you've been granted a grace period to confirm your assigned device types before your subscription will be automatically adjusted to match your usage.

To confirm your current plan, visit the Settings > Billing tab of your Backup Radar account.
Note: If you're a multi-product ScalePad user with unified billing, you may at this point be redirected to your ScalePad account to view your billing information there. Access to billing information can be product-specific and you may require additional permissions for both Backup Radar and ScalePad to access this information.

Follow these steps to check in on your licenses:

  1. In your Backup Radar account, click Manage > Overview.
    Manage > Overview.png

  2. Under Management Overview, you'll find an inventory of devices and backups you are currently monitoring in Backup Radar:Management Overview Tab.png
    a. Active Units: The number of active units being monitored. Each unique unit name is considered one active unit for that month and counts towards your monthly invoicing.
    b. Active Mailboxes Backups: The number of active mailboxes being monitored. Each unique mailbox name is considered one active mailbox for that month and counts towards your monthly invoicing.
    c. Active Workstations: The number of active workstations being monitored. Each unique workstation name is considered one active workstation for that month and counts towards your monthly invoicing.
    d. Active Backups: The total number of unique backups being monitored. This number is often larger than the total of the three devices types that comprise it (Active Units, Active Mailboxes Backups, and Active Workstations) because backups within these device types have been grouped by device name for licensing.
    e. Inactive Backups: The number of inactive backups, which are awaiting activation and don't count towards your monthly invoicing.
    f. Retired Backups: The number of retired backups, which are not being monitored and don't count towards your monthly invoicing.

To make adjustments to your assigned device types, follow the steps in the following article: Assigning License Types.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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