Ticket Rule: Not Generating Tickets

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If you've completed the steps within Setting up Ticket Rules, but your Ticket Rule is not generating tickets, follow the steps below to troubleshoot any potential issues with your PSA integration:

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Tickets > Ticket Issues.
    Tickets > Ticket Issues.png

  2. Under Ticket Issues, you may see a list of issues along with the following information you may want to review:
    Ticket Issues.png
    a. Date/Time: This date and time stamp captures when the ticket issue was recorded.
    b. Ticketing Company: The company name associated with this ticket issue. If none appears, this indicates that the error doesn't have a specific Ticket Rule associated with it.
    c. Message: The error message generated by your PSA integration and/or by Backup Radar. 
    d. Actions: If the options under your Actions column are greyed out, this indicates that the error doesn't have a specific Ticket Rule associated with it so as a result, there is no Ticket Rule or attached backup to link to here.
    e. Show Backups: Clicking Show Backups will bring you to the Audit page and show you the backups associated with this ticket issue.

  3. Click Settings to review the Ticket Rule associated with this ticket issue and check whether the Ticket Rule might be causing the problem (e.g. if your parameters are contradicting each other).
    Click Settings.png

    If your Ticket Rule seems to be the problem, adjust your Ticket Rule settings and wait to see if this resolves your ticket issues.

    If everything in your Ticket Rule is looking fine (or there were no Ticket Issues and/or no associated Ticket Rule to review) and you're still not sure what's causing the issue, reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket and they'll be happy to take a look for you.

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