Using Our Generic Parser (Multiple Backups)

James Burke
James Burke
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To help integrate your custom backup solutions with Backup Radar quickly, we have developed a standardized format for backup report emails and attachments to follow.


The email subject must start with Backup Report CSV or Backup CSV Report and the email must have a single .csv / .zip file attachment. Only the first CSV attachment to an email (or the first CSV file in the first ZIP attachment) will be parsed. All content in the email body will be ignored - Backup Radar will only analyze the first attachment.


Within the .csv file, the following column headers are required: Device, Status, Backup Date

The following column headers are optional: Job, Client and Data Size


The result statuses available for use and their mappings can be seen in the below table: 

Status in CSV Status in Backup Radar
"Success", "Successful", "Finished", "Normal" Success
"Warning" Warning
"Failure", "Failed", "Error", "Fatal" Failure


Please note: All headers are case sensitive (ex. only Device is correct, device and DEVICE will not be accepted) and if the value in the Job column is null, we will use "Backup Report" as the Job Name.


An example of the CSV file can be seen below:



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