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The Dashboard can be a powerful tool, but often times is overwhelming to start with a blank canvas. If you're looking for inspiration or a starting point follow the steps below to recreate this simple but concise Starter Dashboard.

Create & Name your Dashboard. "Default" or "Main Dashboard" are easy fillers for now but can be edited later if you find yourself changing your display needs.



Once named you’ll want to start adding tiles. First we’ll create the Counts on the left.

Select Create Tile. Then when the new tile appears click on the center (+). Set the parameters to match below and click save.



Now repeat these steps but instead of Failure, try creating one for No Results and another for Warnings.

Next the Pie Chart titled Yesterdays Results. Create another tile and program it as below;



The Vertical Bar Chart will be a very similar setup to the Pie Chart but with the additional "Group By" field which we'll set to Company.



Finally the Histogram, which in this example is a rolling two weeks. If you prefer a set range you'll be able to select it under "Date Range";



Once you've created all your tiles it's time to arrange them. All tiles can be dragged & dropped (via the top of the tile) into place and then expanded/shrunk (via the bottom right corner of the tile).

With your first dashboard complete, reflect on what information is not being presented that you would like to see. You may want to add some customer or backup application specific tiles, or even a whole new dashboard!

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