Why are some of my backups showing as Pending or No Result when it's not supposed to run today?

Travis Harris
Travis Harris
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The new "Pending" status will be applied to any backup that is currently in a No Result status, but has been suppressed by the No Result Threshold setting. See here for more details on the pending 

If you are seeing a Pending or No Result Status on any backup which is not supposed to run on the day in question then you may want to review the schedule you have assigned to that backup. 

This is a result of using the No Result Threshold setting to suppress a No Result instead of setting the correct schedule for the backup. 

Backup Radar has a schedule for each backup (or template) and will only be expecting results based on the schedule basis. By default Backup Radar assigns a daily schedule, this means Backup Radar is expecting at least one backup every day of the week. See here for more on defining a schedule in Backup Radar.

No Result Threshold:

Backup Radar by default is expecting at least one backup result for each day the backup is scheduled on. If a result is not received on a day (which the backup is scheduled for) Backup Radar will flag that with the status No Result.

There may be scenarios where even though a backup is scheduled to run its expected or understandable why a result would not be received, and you don't want to be notified of a No Result until a number of days have exceeded since the last successful result. For example, a very large backup that takes longer than 24 hours, or a laptop/ workstation where a client may be on vacation. See here for more on the use of No Result Threshold

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