Sending Scheduled Reports or Email Notifications from your own Email Address

Matthew Gulliver
Matthew Gulliver
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Backup Radar gives you the flexibility to send scheduled reports or email notifications using your own email address. This is useful if you want to send scheduled reports or email notifications to your customers or to your team that come from your own email address and domain. 

If you do not use your own, the system will default to sending from ours at


Click on Configuration -> Email Settings then click Configure new Email. 


Fill in all the valid SMTP settings for your email host and email account as you would if you were setting up an Outlook IMAP connection etc. Save the changes. Please note that the credentials in the image below are not valid, and they are used as an example only. Please do not copy them.


After the setup is complete, then when sending a scheduled report you will see the "From" address showing your email as an option in the drop down.

Similarly, the email notifications will also show your email as an option for the "From address in the drop down.

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