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We recommend opening a note pad to copy all of the ID's that you will need from Azure to make it easier for copying into Backup Radar. Open up Backup Radar and click on Integration - Azure Integration. 



Start by setting the Profile Name. Generally most Azure clients name this the same as the Recovery Services Vault but it can be named anything you like. After that, fill in the Tenant ID, the Subscription ID, the Application ID and the Application Key that you'll need to copy directly from Azure.

You must also select a resource group under 'Vaults.'



Obtain Directory ID

To find the Directory ID click on Azure Active Directory. Copy this into your notepad and then into Backup Radar.  

If you do not see Azure Active Directory on the left hand side you may need to search for it as shown below: mceclip1.png




Create App Registration

Then, while within Active Directory, go to App Registrations and click "New Registration."



For the name use For the URL put in



Then, under your App Registrations, you'll be able to copy your Application ID here. Copy the ID and paste into Notepad and Backup Radar. 



To find your Application key, under your new profile, you'll find "Certificates and secrets." Click "New client secret." Copy this key into backup radar.




Once you click Add it will show you the secret. Be sure to copy it before you exit the screen as it will never show that secret again. If you forget to do so you can always delete that key and create a new one. 



Obtain Subscription ID

To find your Subscription ID, click on your subscription page. Find the relevant subscription you want to use for your integration, then copy the ID and put it into Backup Radar:



Assign Reader Role to App Registration

The last two things you'll need to do to get your Azure API profile filled out are to assign a role to your Azure profile and to acquire your Vault name. To do that, go to Subscriptions Access Control(IAM) Add, then fill out the profile accordingly - making sure to select the profile you have just created under "Select" in the dropdown menu:


Then select the Role ID Reader, and under Select menu type backup and hit enter to search. Select the that shows up and click Save. 



Next you will need your Recovery Services Vault and Resource Group Name info. To find this easily search for "Recovery" and click on Recovery Services Vault. 



Once you have all the information copied and pasted into your API profile, make sure the API is Enabled and then click "Save."



Your Azure should sync within a few hours. If it does not, submit a support ticket. Please be patient as Azure can sometimes take time to update permissions and connect the first time. 

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