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Travis Harris
Travis Harris
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Code42 has the ability to send out two different reports. One is a summary report that it sends out daily that we can parse. The other is a notification after the job runs. The summary is the easiest to setup as you can do so in your portal by setting the settings shown below: 


Be sure to put in your Backup Radar email address into the additional recipients and click the plus sign to add it.

These reports look like the one shown below: 


The other option is to register a distribution group email as the main account holder and add your Backup Radar email address to the group. This way we would get a copy of the individual notifications that come after the backup job runs.


So for example my current email registered for this crashplan account is I'd want to change it to (or whatever you'd like) and then add into the group along with your Backup Radar email address. Please don't use my address in your distribution group I'm just providing an example of how it might work. :)

This will ensure that both the account holder and your Backup Radar email address get a copy of the e-mails. 


Once you setup your distribution group and change the account to point to that you can set the Email notifications as shown below in the app on the computer side. This will require more effort on your part as it does need to be changed on each computer. 






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