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The Dashboard is the homepage for all Backup Radar users and should be used to convey your most vital data quickly and efficiently. 

You can have as many dashboards as you like, all completely configurable to represent any number of combinations and data points. All public dashboards will appear in the drop down menu in the top left and more can be created by the Create Dashboard option directly to the right. Any private dashboards will only be visible to those with access.

*Any changes made to a dashboard will be reflected in all other users' views. For this reason it is recommended that users abstain from modifying shared dashboard configurations without unanimity

There are 5 tile types to choose from, all of which can be created, arranged, enlarged/shrunk and edited as you see fit:

  • Histogram
  • Pie Chart
  • Count
  • Horizontal Bar Charts 
  • Vertical Bar Charts

Once you've created your dashboard(s), you can share it via a view-only link to anyone inside or outside your company and restrict access internally.

*If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out this article for how to create a simple starter Dashboard!

The dashboard isn’t simply for show however, it is the first step to investigating your results. All tiles are interactive and can be used as an access point to the Audit screen. 

In the example below we’re going to investigate the failure Count by clicking the ‘1’.



This will bring you to the Audit screen, displaying the one failure we had yesterday. Using the dashboard as an entry point to the Audit page pre-populates the filters to match whatever settings the tile had.



To load a Dashboard into full screen mode you can click the Present Icon: 



You can edit or refresh an individual existing tile by selecting the cog (top left) or the clock face (bottom left) respectively. 


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