Understanding the "No Result Threshold" setting

James Burke
James Burke
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When activating a backup individually or in bulk one of the required settings is Threshold. The way we leverage thresholds is in days. 



0 = 1 Day

1 = 2 Days

A zero day threshold means that we are expecting results within the last 24 hours and if we don't receive them we will mark this backup with a status of "No Result". This is our way of accounting for the scenarios where a job didn't send in an email or perhaps something went wrong with the reporting function on the backup job.


Examples of when to extend the threshold:

Example 1: If a backup takes longer than a 24 hour period to run due to the size of data. In this case you may opt to set the threshold to 1 day.

Example 2: You have a workstation backup that you may not want to report every missed backup on and so you can increase the threshold to your desired value.


While your backup is with its defined "No Result Threshold", the status for the day in question will be "Pending". For more information on the "Pending" status, please see our Pending Status FAQ article.

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