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Heya! Follow the steps below to create an integration between IT Glue and Backup Radar.

Who can use this feature?
• Administrator users.
• Standard users (who have been granted access).
What you'll need:
• Manager or Admin access to an IT Glue account.
Note: This article captures third-party steps and/or an interface that may have since been updated.  
  1. In your IT Glue account, navigate to Account > Flexible Asset Types and click Import from Template.
    Navigate to Account > Flexible Asset Types and click Import from Template.png

  2. Select the Backup Flexible Asset Type template to import it.
    Select Backup.png

    Note: If this screen indicates that the Backup Flexible Asset Type template has already been imported: Skip this step, return to the Account > Flexible Asset Types screen, and click the pencil icon next to Backup to modify the asset.

  3. If any of the following fields don't exist in the Backup Flexible Asset, create them by scrolling down and clicking the + New field button. Under the Kind drop-down menu, select the option shown below:Ensure the following fields exist.pnga. Backup Platform
    • Set Kind to Text.
    b. Backup Description
    • Set Kind to Text.
    c. Last Backup Status
    • Set Kind to Text.
    d. Last Backup Time
    • Set Kind to Date.
    e. Days Since Last Success
    • Set Kind to Text.
    f. Schedule
    • Set Kind to Date.
    g. Updated
    • Set Kind to Date.

  4. When creating or checking your fields in the Backup Flexible Asset, ensure that you uncheck the Required box.
    Uncheck Required Box.png

  5. Navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys and click Generate API Key
    Navigate to Account > API Keys > Generate API Keys.png

  6. Copy the API token.
    Make a note of the API Key.png

  7. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Integration > Other.
    Integration > Other.png

  8. Click the + button on the IT Glue tile.
    Click the IT Glue Tile.png

  9. Configure the following information:
    Configure the following information.png
    a. Create Assets Without Configuration: Leave this toggle button unchecked, as enabling this toggle button will create the flexible asset in IT Glue even if there is no Workstation or Server configuration with the same name to link it with.
    b. Profile Name: Name the profile anything you would like.
    c. Api Key: Paste your API token.
    d. Region: Select your region from the drop-down menu.
    e. Date Format: Select the date format that is the most compatible with your IT Glue data.

  10. Select any fields that you do not want the system to update. For example, if you have already set up schedules on your Backup Flexible Asset in IT Glue, you may not want Backup Radar to overwrite this information.
    Select any fields you do not want the system to update.png

  11. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
What's next?

If you have IP Access Control enabled in your IT Glue instance, be sure to add the Backup Radar IPs to allow us to sync data. For more details, see IP Address Allow Lists.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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