Pausing your Backups

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Pause Backups is a handy feature for when you're not expecting a backup to run for a period of time (for example, during scheduled maintenance) and you'd like to proactively avoid setting off alarm bells in your email inbox.

Follow the steps below to pause a backup in your Backup Radar account:

  1. Under Manage, select Edit Backups.
    Manage>Edit Backups.png

  2. Select the backup you would like to pause and click Bulk Edit.
    Bulk Edit.png

  3. Select the Advanced Settings tab.
    Advanced Settings.png

  4. Click the Pause backups toggle to enable the pause feature for your backup. Choose a start and end date for your pause, add a reason for pausing, and click Save.
    Enable Pause Backups.png

Your backup will remain paused until the end date arrives or until you manually switch off the pause using the Pause backups toggle in the Advanced Settings tab.

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