Retiring your Backups

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Retire Backups is a helpful feature for when you no longer need a backup (for example, when a customer moves on or you retire a device).

Follow the steps below to retire a backup in your Backup Radar account:

  1. Under Manage, select Edit Backups.
    Manage>Edit Backups.png

  2. Select the backup you would like to retire and click Bulk Retire.
    Bulk Retire.png

  3. Add a reason for retiring and click Retire.
    Click Retire.png

Once your backup has been retired successfully, you can find it in your Manage > Retired Backups screen. It will no longer display in the Dashboard, Audit, or Active Reports screens. Results will continue to parse and history will be saved. 

To restore a retired backup in your Backup Radar account, follow these steps:

  1. Under Manage, select Retired Backups.
    Manage>Retired Backups.png

  2. Select the retired backup you would like to restore and click Bulk Reactivate.
    Bulk Reactivate.png

  3. Click Reactivate to finish restoring your retired backup.
    Click Reactivate.png

Once your retired backup has been queued for reactivation, you can find it in your Manage Activate Backups screen and reactivate the backup from there.

For instructions on how to activate a single backup in Backup Radar, see How to activate a single backup.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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