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Hey there! Have you ever found yourself wondering when a template was changed, a permission group was deleted, or a backup was retired in your Backup Radar account, and who did it

You won't need Nancy Drew to crack this case: Activity Logs has your back.

The Activity Logs feature is an activity feed that stores an inventory of your account's actions (including when they happened and which user performed them).

Follow the steps below to enable activity logs view access for Standard users, and configure and view your activity logs.

Who can use this feature?
• Administrator users.
• Standard users (who have been granted access).

Enabling Activity Logs Access

If you're an Administrator user who would like to grant Activity Logs view access to a Standard user, follow these steps: 

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Settings > User Management.
    Settings > User Management.png

  2. Navigate to Permission Groups > Standard and click the Edit Permissions button next to the group you would like to modify.
    Note: Default groups cannot be modified. To grant activity log access to someone in a default group that doesn't allow access, you'll need to change their permission group accordingly.
    Permission Groups > Standard > Edit Permissions.png

  3. Scroll down and click the Activity Logs toggle button.
    Click the Activity Logs Button.png

  4. Scroll to the top and click Save Changes.
    Click Schedule Changes.png

Viewing Activity Logs

Follow the steps below to configure and view your activity logs:

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Manage > Activity Logs.
    Manage > Activity Logs.png

  2. Choose from the following configuration options to narrow down your activity log entries to your desired criteria:
    Configuration Options.png

    a. Clear Filters: Click this button to reset all configuration options to their defaults.
    Clear Filters.png

    b. Select Date Range: Use this drop-down menu to select a pre-set date range.
    Select Date Range.png

    c. Date/Time (UTC): Use these date pickers to select a customized start and end date for your results. Note that leaving these fields blank will display all available results.
    Date:Time (UTC).png

    d. User: Use this drop-down menu to select one specific user.

    e. User Type: Use this drop-down menu to select one specific user type.
    User Type.png

    f. Action: Use this drop-down menu to select one or all actions.

  3. Choose from the following options for viewing your activity log data:
    Viewing Activity Log Data.png
    a. Resource: View additional details regarding the object to which the activity applies.
    b. Changes: View the number of changes associated with that action. Note: This additional information is only listed here for certain action types.
    c. Actions: For types of actions where change details are tracked, you can click the View Changes button to review the changes in more detail.
    d. Per page: Use this drop-down menu to configure the number of activity logs you'd like to be displayed per page, up to a maximum of 500.
    Per Page.png


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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