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Oh hello there!

Alert Scope is a brand new, innovative product from ScalePad that aims to address excessive alert noise by using AI to spotlight the actionable alerts in your inbox. This accomplishes two things for you: It saves you time and it reduces the risk of missing crucial alerts that get lost in the noise.

How is Alert Scope distinct from Backup Radar? Great question! While Backup Radar is ScalePad's MVP for handling backup alerts, Alert Scope is being developed to manage your non-backup alerts (such as RMM alerts, VPN alerts, internet down alerts, and more). Note: All of this alert data is securely stored locally, and is not stored in the cloud.

Alert Scope is currently in an alpha release phase that a small group of select partners have been chosen to participate in. If you’ve been selected to participate in our alpha release and have set up your alert-generating systems to send emails (text or HTML) to us, keep reading for more details on exploring this brand new product — your feedback will be essential in shaping the final version of Alert Scope!

Your Role as an Alpha Tester

With great power comes great responsibility.

As an alpha tester for Alert Scope in this early stage, you can have a direct impact on how Alert Scope will be developed for its full market release in the future, and you'll also have three very important jobs:

1. Send your non-backup alert notification emails (RMM alerts, VPN alerts, internet down alerts, etc.) to the custom email address we provided you in your welcome email.

2. Wait for our AI to assign metadata and alert assessments (positive, neutral, and negative) to your alert notification emails.

3. Check out how our AI did and send us feedback on each alert email by clicking the thumbs up and/or thumbs down buttons either from the mailbox or after clicking into your alert. 

Feedback Buttons-2.png
Feedback Buttons.png

We appreciate all of your efforts in helping to shape the future of Alert Scope!


Working in the Alert Scope Mailbox

  1. In your Backup Radar account, navigate to Alert Scope in your navigation menu.
    Click Alert Scope.png

  2. In your Alert Scope mailbox, you'll find the following data:Alert Scope mailbox .pnga. Search: Use the search bar to search for any keyword in your Alert Scope mailbox data.

    b. Alert assessment: This column displays the alert status that our AI has assigned to your email.
    Positive: No action needs to be taken and the overall intention behind the alert is positive.
    Neutral: No action needs to be taken and the overall intention behind the alert is neither positive or negative.
    Negative: Action may need to be taken (e.g. you may need to create a PSA ticket) and the overall intention behind the alert is negative.

    c. Subject line: Your email subject line is represented here in bold text.

    d. Email summary: An AI-generated summary of your email.

    e. Markers and attributes: The markers (e.g. "Client") and attributes (e.g. "ACME") that our AI identifies as important in your email.

    f. Analysis pending: We've received your email and our AI model is still actively analyzing it.

    g. Alert type not supported: The alert type our AI identified is currently not supported, but may be supported in the future as Alert Scope evolves.

  3. Click on any alert in your Alert Scope mailbox to view a full preview of the email, take a closer look at how we've analyzed it, and provide feedback on how well our AI did:
    Alert Preview.png

    a. Analyzed on: The exact date and time that our AI finished analyzing your email after receiving it.

    b. Analyzer Version: Hover over the information icon to display the applicable Analyzer Version for this alert.

    c. Reanalyze: When a new analyzer version has been released, you can click the Reanalyze button and the latest, smartest version of our AI will reanalyze your alert.

    d. View history: When an alert has been analyzed more than once, you can click the View history button to view all historical versions of the analyzed data.

    e. Email received on: The exact date and time that Alert Scope received your email.

    f. Show Markers & Attributes: Switch this toggle on and off to show or hide the markers (e.g. "Client") and attributes (e.g. "ACME") that our AI identifies as important in your email.

    g. Feedback buttons: Click the thumbs up or thumbs down button to let us know if our AI got it right or wrong. This is a crucial step in our early alpha stage. Our alpha version is still learning, so all feedback will be helpful in making our AI better.

  4. Click the Filters button to filter or search your Alert Scope mailbox.Filters Button.png

  5. In the Filters menu, choose between the following fields and click Apply Filters to filter your results:
    Filters Sidebar.png
    a. Clear: Click Clear to start fresh and clear all the current filters.

    b. Date range: Choose a custom start and end date to filter your alerts.

    c. Alert Assessment: Choose positive, neutral, or negative to filter your mailbox data by alert assessment.

    d. Subject contains: Search by any keyword(s) in your alert subject lines.

    e. Summary contains: Search by any keyword(s) in your alert summary.

    f. Markers/Attributes: Search by any keyword(s) in your markers and attributes.

    g. Show unsupported emails: Toggle this button on or off to choose whether you would like unsupported emails displayed in your Alert Scope mailbox.

Any questions? Reach out to Jamie Kandola, our rock star Senior Product Manager, by scheduling a call with him using his Calendly link.

Any feedback? Join the conversation in the following Community group: Alert Scope Alpha.

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