Submitting Product Ideas to the ScalePad team

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Do you have feedback or a product idea for Backup Radar (or any ScalePad product)? We're all ears!

Submitting your Product Idea to the ScalePad Team

Follow these steps to share your idea with us:

  1. Visit the Product Updates section of the ScalePad Community. You can alternatively navigate to this page by logging into your Backup Radar account and clicking Product Updates.
    Product Updates.png

  2. Use the search bar to make sure your idea hasn't already been put into action recently. If it's already been implemented, time to celebrate!
    Search for Duplicates (Product Updates).png

  3. If you weren't able to find a duplicate of your idea, click the + New Topic button at the top right of the page, by your profile picture.
    Click the New Topic Button.png

  4. Click Product Idea, fill out the following fields, and then click Create to share your product feedback or idea:
    Create New Topic.png
    a. Title: Enter a short title that summarizes your idea.
    b. Description: Thoroughly describe your product idea so that community members and the ScalePad team can get a grasp on your suggestion.
    c. Insert image: If at all possible, include a screenshot or image to illustrate your idea.
    d. Product area: Select one or all relevant product areas from the drop-down menu.
    e. Tags: Select or add any tag that might help community members search for your idea.

What's next?

After you initially submit your product idea, it will immediately appear in the Product Ideas section with a New status tag and be open to comments and upvoting from your fellow community members and ScalePad staff.

You can subscribe to your product idea (or any product idea in the community that you support and would like to receive email updates on) by clicking the Subscribe button.

Once a member of our incredible Support team reviews your idea to confirm that it's relevant to the product in question and that it's not a duplicate of an idea that's already been submitted, they will add a Verified status tag to your idea.

Going forward, your product idea may be labelled with any of the following statuses and their corresponding meanings:
Discussion Ongoing: The ScalePad team would like to discuss the idea further, better understand use cases, and await feedback and votes from the community.
Workaround: The ScalePad team has found a workaround for the time being, and this product idea is still in the running for implementation.
Not Implemented: Your product idea may be revisited in the future, but has currently not been selected for implementation.
Implemented: Congratulations! Your idea has been implemented and is currently available in production.

What if you submitted a product idea prior to the launch of the ScalePad Community?

For certain ScalePad products, prior to the launch of the ScalePad Community, product ideas were collected within the applications. 

All of these product idea submissions were automatically migrated to the ScalePad Community and are identifiable because they'll display the username Idea_Migration. For ScalePad products where upvoting was available for product ideas, each idea's upvotes were migrated over as well.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

Happy ideating!

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