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In our latest endeavour to streamline the way you use Backup Radar, we've consolidated all ticketing functions into one convenient location. 

If you have at least one Email Notification configured, you can follow the steps below to migrate each one as a Ticket Rule or an Escalation Report (or you can delete any that are no longer needed).

Note: Please complete your migration by June 15th, 2024.


  1. In Backup Radar, click Begin Migration in the top banner.
    Click Begin Migration.png

  2. In the Email Notifications Migration wizard, click Begin Migration.
    Click Begin Migration in the Wizard.png
  3. For each Email Notification, determine which of the three available options you'd like to choose and when you're done, click Finish.

    Feel free to click View filters for any Email Notification for which you'd like to review your configurations.

    Note: Backup Radar will make suggestions based on what the system thinks your notifications should be migrated to. Notifications highlighted with a yellow background indicate that the system doesn't have a clear suggestion, so it's all up to you.

    Set Your Email Assignment.png

    a. Ticket: Choose this if you have set up your Email Notification to generate tickets in your PSA/ticketing system.
    b. Escalation Report: Choose this if you have set up your Email Notification as a way to escalate issues to an email address.
    c. Delete: Choose this if you no longer need this notification.

What’s next?

Navigate to Ticketing > Ticket Rules to find notifications you've migrated into Ticket Rules.
Ticketing > Ticket Rules.png

Navigate to Reporting > On Demand and select Escalation Report to find notifications you've migrated into Escalation Reports.
Reporting > On Demand.png
Click Escalation Report.png


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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