Working with Global Ticket Subjects

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While you're Setting up Ticket Rules, you'll have the option to group your tickets by the following four types:
1. Backup
2. Company
3. Job name
4. Device name

By default, Backup Radar generates standard subject lines for each of these Group By types.

You can utilize Global Ticket Subjects to create your own ticket subject line for each Group By type. Backup Radar will use these subject lines for any tickets grouped by those categories, except when you have opted to set a custom subject line template for a specific Ticket Rule.

Follow the steps below to start using this feature.

  1. In Backup Radar, navigate to Tickets > Global Ticket Subjects.
    Tickets > Global Ticket Subjects.png

  2. Under Global Ticket Subjects, you can view the subject line templates currently being used for each Group By type. To edit any of the Group By types, click the Pencil.png icon.
    Global Ticket Subjects > Click Edit.png

  3. Configure your Global Ticket Subject template using the following options and click Save when finished:
    Configure Global Subject Template .png
    a. Global Subject Template: In this field, you can configure your Global Subject Template as needed by pasting or manually entering your desired variables from the Variables section.
    b. Sample Subject Preview: In this field, you can see a preview of exactly how your subject line will appear.
    c. Revert to default: Click this option anytime to return to the default subject line for this Group By type.
    d. Copy: Click the Copy.png icon to copy any variable text you'd like to paste into your subject line.
    e. More info: Click this link anytime to access additional formatting/display options for certain variables.
    f. Note that variables will appear in greyed-out text when they are not applicable for the selected Group By type. For example, the {device} variable appears greyed-out here because it doesn't apply for Group by Job Name.

And you're done! Backup Radar will use your Global Ticket Subjects for any tickets grouped by their corresponding Group By type, except when you have opted to set a custom subject line template for a specific Ticket Rule.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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