N-able (formerly SolarWinds) Setup

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Follow the steps below to create an integration between N-able (formerly SolarWinds) and Backup Radar.

Note: This article captures third-party steps and/or an interface that may have since been updated.  

What you'll need:
• An N-able account with Superuser permissions.

  1. In your N-able dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings.2019-10-21_11h07_09.png

  2. Under the API section, copy your API Token (if you do not already have one, you'll need to generate an API Token first).2019-10-21_11h09_01.png

  3. In Backup Radar, click Integration > Backup Integrations.
    Click Integration and select Backup Integrations.png

  4. Click the + button on the N-able (integrated with RMM) tile.
    Click the + Button on the Datto BCDR Tile.png

  5. Enter the following information and click Save:
    a. Profile Name: Name your profile anything you'd like (for example, "N-able").
    b. Api Key: Paste your N-able API token.
    c. Region: Select your region from the drop-down menu.
    Create N-able Backup (integrated with RMM) Source.png


What’s next?

Shortly, your backups should start populating in your Manage > Activate Backups screen.

Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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