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Hiya! Follow the steps below to create an integration between Druva and Backup Radar.

What you'll need:
• Your Backup Radar email address (this can be found in your Backup Radar account under Integration > Mailboxes).
Note: This article captures third-party steps and/or an interface that may have since been updated.  
  1. In your Druva account, click Customers in the top navigation bar and select the Share icon.png button next to the customer in question to access the tenant console.
    Customers > Share Button.png

  2. In the tenant console, click Enterprise Workloads.
    Click Enterprise Workloads.png

  3. Click All Organizations and Reports in the top navigation bar.
    Click All Organizations and Reports .png

  4. Select Non-admin Subscriptions and click the Add New Subscription button.
    Non-admin Subscriptions > Add New Subscription.png

  5. Add any display name you would like (Backup Radar is an easy one) and enter your Backup Radar email address.

    We recommend using plus email addressing (aka: sub-addressing) to create a variation of your email address. Feel free to check out Using Plus Email Addressing to Keep Your Notifications Organized for more details on why this is a useful best practice.

    Add Display Name and Email ID.png

  6. Configure the following email schedule settings and click Finish:
    Set Email Schedule .png
    a. Send Report: Choose Daily.
    b. Time: Set to your desired time. We recommend scheduling reports to send after you expect the backups to have completed, as this will help you avoid inconsistent reporting.
    c. Country: Choose the country that matches your location.
    d. Time Zone: Choose the option that matches your time zone.
    e. Format: Choose HTML.

  7. You're done! Repeat these steps for each customer you'd like to set up email notifications for.

What’s next?

Shortly, your email notifications should start landing in your Backup Radar email inbox on a daily basis.

Now that you’ve set up your email notifications, you’ll want to activate this backup within Backup Radar. See Activation Overview for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.

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